Thursday, 19 July 2018

Propagating Deen | Our Intention and Approach

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

By Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Sahib (Rahmatullahi ‘alayh)

When it comes to conveying the message of Deen to others, we must not think that we are doing the people a great favour and benefiting them with our knowledge. Unfortunately, our thinking is generally such, that we believe that we are better Muslims; that we are practising and others are not, and we need to guide them. Our Akaabir (pious elders) used to advise and instruct us that our Niyyah (intention), when going out in Jamaat, should be for our own Islaah (reformation)... not with the thought that we are in a position to reform other people. Similarly, with other forms of Ta’leem and Khidmah; the intention should also be for our own Islaah.

One Jamaat was going to Palestine and thereafter to Saudi Arabia, to work amongst the people there. There were also some ‘Ulama in that Jamaat. Before departure, they came for some advice.

Since they were seeking some advice, I said to them: When you go to these people in Saudi Arabia or in Palestine, don’t go with the mindset that we, in South Africa, have made tremendous progress in our Deen, and we are very practical Muslims. Don’t go to them with the approach and thought: Unfortunately, their Imaan and Islam is very weak, so we have come to teach them Imaan and Islam. …Don’t go with that kind of an opinion.

Tell them: We have come to you to tell you of your fore-fathers’ great, great favour upon us. They made sacrifices at a time when communication was extremely difficult; when travel was very, very dangerous; when they did not have the kind of radar systems and technology as we have now. …Traversing the lands and crossing the oceans was not an easy thing. It was not like how we have today. Today, ships have such technology and apparatus whereby they easily navigate through the waters of the oceans. Nowadays, travel is often by plane, which offers ease and convenience.

Your fore-fathers did not have such equipment but they had deep desire that this beautiful Deen of Allah Ta’ala must not only remain within the four walls of their homes. It must reach people all over the world; that everyone should worship Allah Ta’ala and gain salvation in the Hereafter. They left their homes; traversed all kinds of land and terrain and crossed the oceans. With sacrifice, hardship and difficulty, they took the message of the Deen of Allah Ta’ala to Africa, Europe, China and different parts of the world. Your fore-fathers have done a great Ihsaan upon us, that they brought the Deen to us. They were the means of the light of Imaan entering the hearts of our fore-fathers, which then became a great blessing for us; that today we are the reciters of the Kalimah. What we have come here for – is to revive that Deen of ours. We seek your assistance and help because you are from that blessed progeny. You also teach us this Deen, and from the little that we have learnt, from your noble fore-fathers, we will share it again with you. You can correct us if you think we are making a mistake.

In that way, humble yourself and then go to them. InshaAllah, you will find the difference in your own Tabligh and propagation as well as in your own lives.

On another level, sometimes, our Dawah to the indigenous communities, here, is because: “If only they become Muslim, we will be protected.” – because they are in the majority. This motive is not correct. In this kind of Da’wah, we are seeking to establish our own security... whereas we have to be seeking the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. We should thus rectify our intentions. Invite so that others bring Imaan in Allah Ta’ala and become successful in both worlds. This is true Fikr (concern), which must be followed by the correct effort and work, within the parameters of Deen and under the guidance of the ‘Ulama-e-Haq.

Hazrat Maulana Shabeer Ahmad Usmani Rahmatullahi ‘alayh, the author of Tafseer Usmani, had presented an invaluable and extremely effective piece of advice, which we should keep before us when undertaking Ta’leem, Tabligh or ‘Amr bil Ma’roof and Nahy anil Munkar.’[1] Hazrat Maulana (Rahmatullahi ‘alayh) said that the words of advice which we share with others should be true, the intention and motive behind the advice tendered should also be true, and the manner and approach should also be true. This will then draw positive results.

We should remember and always keep in mind – that Allah Ta’ala looks at our hearts and intentions. In whichever field of Deen we serve, we must invite to Allah Ta’ala with sincerity, truth and humility. May Allah Ta’ala grant us these qualities, use us for the Khidmah of Deen, forgive our shortcomings and make our humble efforts a means of khayr. 

[1] Enjoining good and forbidding evil