Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Clothing for Salaah

Make Salaah wearing such clothes, that if a person were to visit you, you would not feel ashamed to talk and entertain your guest, wearing those clothes.[1]

Many have the habit of performing Fajr Salaah in their pyjamas – but will not entertain family and friends dressed in the same manner. They will not enter the court of any judge or king dressed in such clothing. How then can a person enter the Court of the King of Kings, Allah Ta’ala, dressed in pyjamas or undignified clothing?

Allah Ta’ala in fact guides us to the same :

 “O Children of Aadam, wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer…’
[Surah Al-A`raaf 7 : 31]

Whilst the demand is to cover appropriately, encouragement is given to present oneself by wearing neat, clean, beautiful clothing within one’s means.

Many men perform Salaah in shirt and pants. If the pants is tight, this kind of dressing is showing disrespect to Salaah and is Makrooh (extremely disliked). A person wearing such clothing should rather replace the shirt with a kurta or wear a jubba over the shirt. This, at least, would indicate to some respect and modesty. Ideally the person should be wearing the Sunnah libaas (dressing) of the kurta. This dressing has noor.

Women too should take care to cover themselves appropriately – more especially for Salaah. Many women read Salaah with semi-transparent clothing or scarves, which invalidate the Salaah.

There is a need for all to learn the masaa`il (rules) pertaining to Salaah, Taharah (cleanliness) and other Ibaadah. Otherwise, the person is carrying out his duties but they are not valid, due to his or her ignorance.

By Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel (Rahmatullahi ‘alayh)

[1] It is Makrooh (disliked) to offer the Salaah in an undignified dress, as well as wearing garments that have animate pictures. Even though the Salaah will be valid, it will be defective.