Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Evidence of Sins

By Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb (Rahmatullahi ‘alayh)  

Destroy the reminders and evidence of sin and evil. They are stepping-stones to returning to the same sins. Reminders include photographs of those places where sins were committed; even if the pictures are not animate.

…When a person will see the photograph of the hotel, tourist resort, etc. where he committed zina (adultery), shaytaan will take him down memory lane and give him the Haraam enjoyment of his past sin. This in turn could lead to the sin itself.

If some gift was given by an illicit beloved, destroy it or give it away.

One should also not diarise sins as is the habit of so many.

Many girls keep diaries, with even locks and keys. …If these diaries are opened by others, pages of sins indulged in, of fancies and fantasies are revealed, and the person suffers humiliation and disgrace.

The same with smses which are saved on cell-phones, e-mails saved on computer, or letters and faxes which are stored away. All can be implicating evidence against a person and can lead to not only disgrace, but distrust and even the dissolution of friendship and marriage.

There have been incidents of families that have met up with accidents, hijackings or robberies, wherein all members were killed. In sorting out their estates, other members of the family, find amongst their belongings and possessions, porn videos and dvds, porn magazines and so forth.

This is not just imaginary or a tall story concocted. One person contacted me, saying that an entire family was killed in an accident – husband, wife and children. As such, other members of the family had to enter the home to sort out the estate. On opening the one cupboard in the main bedroom, they were shocked to find porn magazines, films, etc. whereas they knew the husband to be an upright Muslim, a namaazi, etc. …Is this not embarrassment and disgrace?

There is no guarantee that the wife will survive the husband to conceal his secret sins, or the husband will survive the wife, to conceal her sins.  …Someone is going to enter that home and all will be exposed.

May Allah Ta’ala grant us all the realization that death can visit at any time and that evidence of sins opens doors of problems and disgrace.