Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Students and Bay`ah

Bismihi Ta'ala

By Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb (Rahmatullahi ‘alayh)

In the past, students of Deen applied themselves fully and completely to their studies. Thereafter, they became bay’ah[1]  and traversed the path to Allah Ta’ala (Sulook). All their time was fully occupied with studies. There was no such ‘free’ time to pass. Their studies were their Ibaadah and Mujahadah[2].

In these days, fitnahs are crashing upon the Ummah[3], like an avalanche. Students have more free time. This free time gives shaytaan and nafs the opportunity to lead them into all kinds of sins. Many students of Deen have become toys for nafs and shaytaan: Just the cell phone alone has become the means of trapping them in illicit relationships, pornography and other vices. What then of the other fitnahs that they are exposed to?

…Due to the deficiency in ‘tarbiyyah’[4] and the general indifference by students, in respect to practicing on their ilm, the Mashaa`ik of the time accept students for bay’ah.

Our students of Deen need to seriously consider submitting themselves to a Shaykh who is “kaamil” and with whom there is “munasabat” (compatibility). They should thereafter keep his company, benefit from his guidance and advice, and strive to complete the process of Islaah (reformation) and Tazkiyyah (purification), under such a Shaykh. This will make them ‘Ulama in the true sense of the word.

Otherwise we just have mass production of ‘Ulama, but very little “haqeeqat”[5] of years of knowledge. Titles have become so cheap, that they have become a crying shame and embarrassment for the Ummah. …Emphasis is given to titles, whereas attention should be directed towards Islaah and Tazkiyyah.

[1] Bay’ah : Pledging Allegiance
[2] Mujahadah : Striving
[3] Ummah : Community of Muslims
[4] Tarbiyyah : nurturing/ guiding
[5] Haqeeqat : reality