Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Ahlullah and Dunya

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

In India, one will find certain people who play the flute to charm snakes. …The snake ‘drowns’ in the sweetness of that sound. In this manner, the snake is caught. These snake catchers have learnt the art of catching snakes and they have learnt the skill of removing the poison of the snake. Thereafter, they ‘play’ with that python and cobra – since it is under their control.

What one learns from this is that one has to first learn the art of charming snakes; then the biggest snake too will be under one’s control.

This world is akin to a snake – a very dangerous one. The Ahlullah are such people who have mastered the art of controlling the snake of ‘Dunya’ . They take out its ‘poison’ from the heart (Hubbud Dunya), and thereafter make use of it. 

By keeping the company of these Ahlullah, we too will learn how to remove the poisonous effects of the world and how to make use of the world, without giving our hearts to it. Otherwise we will become victim to its fatal poison.

The poison of “Hubbud Dunya” will then consume the heart, make the person ‘ghaafil’ (negligent), lead him into sin and can be the means of ruin and destruction, of not only one’s Aakhirah, but even one’s worldly life. Greed, jealousy, rivalry, pride and a host of evils are the offshoots of hubbud Dunya. 

May Allah Ta’ala purify our hearts, give us the recognition of this fleeting worldly life, and the Taufeeq of attaching ourselves to Allah Ta’ala.